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Our PMU Foal

Our PMU Foal

Phoenix's Dam: A Buckskin Quarter/Percheron Mare
Phoenix's Sire (Pine Island Sampson's King):
A Black Registered Percheron
Phoenix is approx 6 months old in this picture.
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Phoenix was delivered by Worley's Hauling on 4/28/03. It was pouring down rain but she did wonderfully and is settling in nicely. These pictures were taken during the first hour she was home.
Phoenix is Erik's first horse, and should arrive home 2 weeks after his birthday. (Every boy needs to get a pony for his birthday!)
Top: Phoenix & Erik in May 03
Bottom: Phoenix & Erik in May 04
Phoenix & Jodi
in June 2008 -
After a month of "training".

Phoenix as a baby at the
MLJ Horse Barn