$ 5 - 15.00 Handling for Farrier 
(Per Occurance)

$ 25.00 Handling for Vet 
(First Hour)

$ 25.00 Trailer (BP) Parking Per Month

$ 30.00 Blanketing Per Month 
(Horses in Stalls or Paddocks)

$ 25.00 Feed in Haynets Per Month 
(Horses in Stalls or Paddocks)

$ 25.00 Grain/Supplement Per Month
(Must be supplied by owner)

$ 0.00 Extra Flake Per Day
  (No horse here goes hungry).

$ 25.00 Straight Orchard Grass
(When Available)

$ 0.00 Elk Grove Stable Mix (Dry)
  ($25 per month for wet feed)​

$ 15.00 Daily Paddock Rental
​($ 20.00 Daily Stall Rental)​

$ 25 - $ 95 Private Tack-room (Size Vary)

​Available hays generally consists of orchard/alfalfa, rye, 3 way & straight alfalfa.

$ 325**/350  Economy Group Pasture with shelter

$ 400**/425  "Standard" Private Pasture w/ shelter

$ 450**/475  "Senior" Private Pasture w/ shelter
 Includes Elk Grove Senior Supplement

$400**/475 36  X 72 "Single" Paddock with shelter

$475**/495 48  X 84 "Single" Paddock with shelter

$500**/525 72  X 72 "Double" Paddock with shelter

$450**/475 Box Stall #4 w/ Attached Paddock
$450**/475 Box Stalls  #2 & 3 w/ Attached Paddock
$450**/475 Box Stalls #1 & 7 w/ Attached Paddock
$500**/525 12 X 12 Stall w/ 180' Run
Stalls are bedded, matted &  cleaned daily

$500**/550 12 x 24  Stall w/ 180' Run
Stalls are bedded, matted &  cleaned daily

$550**/575 12 x 24 Stall w/ Attached Private Pasture
Stalls are bedded, matted &  cleaned daily

** price reflects a $25 on-time payment discount!

Plus Negotiated Rate for limited use of amenities, rescues, and/or multiple horse discount

Stable Acres
12' X 24' Interior Stall
Back To Top
180' X 30' Run Attached to Stall
Pastures Have Ample Shelter
Outdoor Arena
Large Pasture Feeders 
Additional Turnout Connected To Stalls
Trailer Parking
Large Pastures Provide Room To Run
60' Round Pen 

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 Good photos courtesy of Annika Leet
Satisfied Customers 

Sales Prep: 
Bathing, Grooming, Photographing, Etc.                                          (Price Varies)

Body Clipping, Mane Pulling,  Etc. 
(Price Varies)

Antibiotics, Wound Treatment, Etc. 
(Price Varies)

Lunging, Under Saddle Workout,  Etc. 
(Price Varies)

Trail Ride Transport: (2 Horse Minimum)
$15 Round Trip

Standard Veterinary Transport:
$25 Round Trip

Emergency Transport to UC Davis:
(Please Inquire)

$ 1.50/mile All Other Transport:
($50.00 Minimum)

We also have working relationships with Equine Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Body Workers, Acupuncturists, Etc.
Paddocks - Various Sizes (Double & Single Available)
Barn Life is the Good Life
Hot & Cold Wash Rack
Owners Onsite - View From The House 
Allows Horses To Be Checked On Often 

Horses Here Are Loved!

Over 20 Acres of Horse Heaven..............        and the people like it here too!

Find A Stable Place To Call Home

Currently Full - Please feel free to inquire about any upcoming openings. 707-778-2060

Secure Property
Private Tackrooms 
Available (Size Varies)
4 Seperate Riding Tracks -
(3) Quarter Mile (1) Half Mile
The view from the stall
The back turnout
Interior of Paddock Shelter
Part of our 2009 Stable Acres "Barn" Entry in the Parade
Part of our 2010 Stable Acres "Barn" Entry in the Cotati Kids Day Parade
A Tree for Every 
Stall & Paddock 
2011 San Fancisco St Patrick's Day Parade
Barn Trial Rides 
Trail Obstacle - Cowboy Curtain
Trail Obstacle - Gate
Trail Obstacle - Jump
Trail Obstacle - Bridge
Lower Barn w/ Box Stalls
100' "Play Pen"
50' "Trainer's Pen"
Currently Not Available - Fodder Solutions System -
Elk Grove Stable Mix